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Hot springs abound in the PNW...maybe because the Ring of Fire is our natural heating element or maybe because the gods saw we were most deserving of this lavish enjoyment (we are putting our bets on #1).  Either way, there is a good chance you can find one of these natural hot tubs within driving distance to where you are in the upper left corner.  Our Bagby Macrame DreamCatcher is named for the most beloved Oregonian hot spring around.  Come by and check it out sometime...you might just choose to never leave.

Bagby Macrame DreamCatcher

SKU: SS50038
  • Made from natural and man-made materials: Wooden Hoop,  Cotton (Nylon Core) Yarn, Wooden Beads, Feather Plumes

    Dimensions: 5.25" width 

                        20" full length

                        15" length (minus hanger height)



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