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Being one of the edges of the Ring Of Fire, we have a lot of volcanos in the PNW.  Our collection of PNW Volcano Bracelets were inspired by the calm dormant side of these giant beasts as well as the violent and sometimes deadly eruptions they bring.  Which side do you prefer?  Only your choice in purchase will tell the truth.

Newberry Double Bracelet

SKU: SSB20016
Color: Mountain Sunset
  • Made from real materials: Natural Howlite (Calming/Relaxing), Peach Adventurine (Prosperity), Pink Morganite (Compassion),  Peach Agate (Stability/Strength), Amazonite (Soothing/Balance), Moss Agate (Grounding/Immunity), Light Blue Chalcedony (Healing/Cleansing), Natural Stone, Grey Stripe Agate (Restoring/Deflecting), Elastic Band.

    Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter, 13" full relaxed Circumference (6.5" when doubled)



  • If you are ever not satisfied with your purchase, pls let us know and we will make it right...or at the least, sing you a song!!!

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