Every night, as our eyelids close and we fade off to sleep, magical fairies come and take us to Dreamland, where anything is possible. With our Dreamland DreamCatcher, those dreams of fantastic adventures and extraordinary happenings will leave you waking refreshed and energized for the day.  Not to mention, add a little extra something special to any room of choice.

Dreamland DreamCatcher

SKU: SS10015
$29.95 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
  • Made with natural and man-made materials: Wood, Polyester Ribbon, Jute Ribbon, Nylon Ribbon, Faux Turquoise Beads, Wood Bead, Plastic Beads, Paper Flowers, Wool Yarn, Nylon Yarn

    Dimensions: 6.5" width

                        27" full length

                        24" length (minus the hanging loop)

  • If you are ever not satisfied with your purchase, pls let us know and we will make it right...or at the least, sing you a song!!!

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