Game playing has been around for years.  Think back to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kick the Can, Hide and Seek, Spin the Bottle...okay, maybe not that one...but games are a past time that still bring out the competitive side of even the sweetest of people. Our Geo Dice Set is a fun way to shake (pun intended) up your monotonous lives and get things rolling (pun also intended).  These 6 wooden cubes are hand-painted and hand-drilled in our Bothell, Wa studio.  Each hole has been meticulously crafted with care...but because these are done by hand, there will be discrepancies compared to machinery created ones.  It is the imperfections that make them so AWESOME!

Geo Dice Set

SKU: SS70002A
  • Made from natural materials:

    4" X 3" Cotton Muslin Drawstring Carrying Bag

    6 - 2cmX2cmX2cm Natural Wood cubes





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