Oregon...a quiet state known for food trucks, tree huggers, a laid back life style, and lots of natural beauty, and we don't just mean the people.  We love Oregon so much we have named an entire collection of our one of a kind semi precious stone bracelets after some of the best cities in the state.  Each bracelet features a plethora of semi precious stones.  Each stone brings some holisitc properties to the wearer...that is if you believe in all that stuff.  Either way, they are as beautiful as the places they are named after.  Get yours while the getting is good.

Nyssa Bracelet

SKU: SSB20032
Color: Amazon Blue
  • Made from real materials: Blue Mixed Dyed Agate (Stability/Grounding), Blue Faceted Quartz (Hormone Regulating), Amazonite (Soothing/Balance)

    Dimensions: 2 3/4" Diameter, 7 1/2" relaxed Circumference



  • If you are ever not satisfied with your purchase, pls let us know and we will make it right...or at the least, sing you a song!!!