What is cuter than a squirrel who finds an acorn?  Well, maybe the squirrel dance that 2 squirrels in heat do around the trunk of a tree.  Or the sweet bushy tail swish they do when they aren't so sure about your intentions.  Or maybe it is the tiny little hands they use to pick up said acorn...that is pretty cute.  Anyway you look at it, squirrels are undeniably cute animals.  And our antique copper Squirrel Pendant Necklace lets you say loud and proud that you are team Squirrel. 

Squirrel Pendant Necklace

SKU: SSN20001
$27.95 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
Color: Antique Bronze
  • Made from real materials: Nickel Free Metal Lobster Clasp, Nickel Free Squirrel and Acorn Charms, Nickel Free Antique Bronze Beach and Curb Chain  

    Dimensions: 24" Chain + 3/4" Charm



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