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As the sun sets in the west, we get the most amazing colored skies.  From blue to pink to purple and then ultimately pitch black (we opted out of adding that color), our Sunset Macrame Wall Hanging was inspired by this daily phenomenon that encourages romantic walks on the beach and wine sipping happy hours across the PNW.

Sunset Macrame Wall Hanging

SKU: SS30041
$44.95 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
  • Made from natural and man-made materials: Driftwood,  Woolen Acrylic Yarn, Wooden Beads

    Dimensions: 13" driftwood width 

                        8.5" macrame width

                        25" full length

                        21" length (minus hanger height)



  • If you are ever not satisfied with your purchase, pls let us know and we will make it right...or at the least, sing you a song!!!

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