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Most people think the Pacific Northwest is nothing but cloudy skies and rainy days.  Well, we have them fooled because actually, we have some pretty lovely sunshine springs and summers around these parts.  Thus, our Sunshine Macrame Wall Hanging, which brings that sunshine into your home 365 days a year.  But don't tell anyone our little secret, otherwise we might have to...no no no, we aren't crazy!!!

Sunshine Macrame Wall Hanging

SKU: SS50032
$22.95 Regular Price
$11.48Sale Price
  • Made from natural and man-made materials: Pacific Northwest driftwood, Nylon yarn, Self Yarn Tassels

    Dimensions: 10" width (at driftwood)

                        5" width (macrame + tassels only)

                        16" full length

                        13" length (minus hanger height)



  • If you are ever not satisfied with your purchase, pls let us know and we will make it right...or at the least, sing you a song!!!